D.I.Y. Pre-Workout Supplement Blend

Workout supplements can get expensive with their “proprietary” blends, and shiny packaging. At $40 for a small tub of it, why not just make your own? Today we’re going to look at one of the top supplement blends, and figure out how to make it ourself.


Why stop at just saving money though, lets make something better with more of the good stuff and less of the fillers. We don’t need to add Folic Acid, Ascorbic Acid, or Methylcobalamin. Just go eat real food if you want that stuff. Your diet is a huge part of your workout and you should already be getting your basic nutrition from it. A single serving of broccoli, bell peppers, or even kale will have everything you need that we won’t be wasting time with in this blend.

Here are some daily percentage values of a few fruits/vegetables.

Type of Fruit/Vegetable Vitamin A Vitamin C Calcium Iron Vitamin B-6 Magnesium
Kiwi 1% 106% 2% 1% 0% 3%
Orange 4% 85% 3% 0% 5% 2%
Broccoli 18% 220% 7% 6% 15% 7%
Grape Fruit 28% 64% 2% 0% 5% 2%
Bell Peppers 74% 253% 0% 2% 15% 3%
Kale 133% 134% 10% 5% 10% 7%


What are we actually putting in it?

That’s a great question. So we looked at the label of a popular pre-workout blend. Not the shiny label on the front, but the more important one on the back with all those strange words and numbers. Can’t tell you the brand, but I can tell you that they like to name their stuff after explosives. We figured out what the active ingredients are, and how much we would need for a hundred day supply. Also threw in some extras while keeping it below the cost of the pre-made stuff.

Supplement Single Serving Size Amount We Used Price
Beta Alanine 500mg 50g – Buy Here $4.50
Creatine Monohydrate 4000mg 250g – Buy Here $7.00
AAKG 2600mg 250g – Buy Here $16.75
N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine (NALT) 300mg 30g – Buy Here $8.50
Caffeine 200mg 25g – Buy Here $1.50


What does it cost?

According to our table above it comes out to $38.25 for a 100 day supply. Compare that to a 30 day supply for $40 and it is easy to see which one is the better deal. Make your own with no fillers, just the good stuff, or pay extra to get a bunch of junk you don’t need in your blend.



How do we make it?

We blend it! Add everything from the table above to a bag or other container, you may need to measure out some of it if you can’t get it in the exact size shown above. Checkout our video on measuring caffeine to learn how to use a scale. After measuring everything out make sure you blend it all very well. Once you’re finished use a tablespoon to measure out a single serving and add it to your favorite drink.