PureBulk D.I.Y. – Dark Chocolate Mocha Smoothie!

We all know that working out and sticking with a diet is hard enough, I mean who wants to give up their coffee? Certainly not this guy! Don’t worry though, we have you covered with an absolutely amazing casein protein dark chocolate smoothie that will not only give you the “pick me up” you need in the morning but a great dose of time release casein protein that will keep your body going throughout the day!

What you need:

1. ½ cup of milk, personally I am a 2% guy, but any milk will do.
2. ½ cup of super strongly brewed coffee.
3. 2 scoops of casein protein powder < ---------------Click here to buy it! 4. 2 table spoons of 100% cocoa powder How you make it:

1. Brew a strong cup of coffee, make it as strong as you can handle.
2. During the brew of coffee, heat up your milk on the stove. You want it piping hot. Hot enough that it is uncomfortable to touch but you don’t have to visit the hospital. Don’t boil it will cause the casein to curdle.
3. Whisk the cocoa powder into the milk.
4. Let the coffee come down to room temp and stir in the milk/cocoa concoction from the stove.
5. Blend it until it’s a thick foamy cup.
6. Enjoy!


1. Add Hershey’s dark chocolate shavings to the mix.
2. Put whip cream over the top and shave more chocolate onto it.

Super Optional:

1. Follow all the above steps twice.
2. Blend with ice and make a cold double dark chocolate casein mocha!
3. Add whip cream and shavings to the top of this.