Pea Protein – Why it’s a great alternative to other proteins!

Why Pea Protein?

It is a fact that protein supplementation is the building block of all great supplementation routines. This can come with a price for those that are lactose intolerant or find themselves having a reaction to the standard whey proteins on the market. For those in need there is a healthy and delicious substitute. Pea protein! This raw protein powder is derived from yellow peas. It is great for vegetarian diets, as well as people following restricted diets. It boasts a great protein content while being completely free of soy, dairy and gluten. Like brown rice protein, pea protein provides an extensive array of benefits for overall health and fitness.

One of the main benefits is its high lysine content. Lysine cannot be made in the body, therefore it must be consumed through diet. As it is the precursor to carnitine, the molecule responsible for converting fatty acids into energy, lysine is a very important supplement to use during workouts. It has also been shown that lysine is also used to control or lower cholesterol, help absorb calcium, and plays a critical role in the formation of collagen. This helps build connective tissue for bones, cartilage, skin and tendons. In younger people lysine has been shown to help develop a healthier immune system, making lysine rich pea protein an extremely beneficial supplement!

You may have read about BCAA’s before, or branched chain amino acids. These acids, leucine, isoleucine and valine, are very important to any healthy person. This makes up nearly 40% of the daily requirement for amino acids in humans. If you are an exercise enthusiast this great protein could very well be the building block of your success. Despite its plant based origins, pea protein is a great source of BCAAs.

Further pea protein has a great iron content. As an integral part of human physiology, iron is required for the transportation of oxygen throughout the body as well as cell growth regulation. Plant based foods often provide a source of non-heme iron for the body to absorb, though not as bioavailable as heme iron, pea protein still provides a useful source of iron. In a single serving pea protein has been shown to provide nearly 30% of the required iron for your daily needs!

With all this great stuff pea protein does it would be inconceivable that there are even more benefits to using it. SPOILER ALERT! There indeed are! The thermic effect of pea protein shows that fat burning with this supplement is increased. What is the thermic effect? Simple. As your body breaks down food and digests it creates heat. This heat varies from food to food, but in proteins a lot of heat is needed to break it down. More heat, more work, more work more energy burned. When your body burns things for energy it starts with the easiest to burn. FAT!

What else can pea protein do? Pea protein works in many peoples body’s to supplement their blood sugar levels! Not only does it act as a muscle recovery, cholesterol fighting, weight loss and energy supplement it also has the uncanny ability to help regulate blood pressure! Blood sugar is an important thing for all people to pay attention to. When a spike in blood sugar occurs due to a high carbohydrate diet a reaction happens in the pancreas that causes it to secrete the hormone insulin. Insulin is used to facilitate the storage of circulating nutrients. Large insulin spikes are dangerous and can cause some very adverse side effects. This is a problem because in a high carb diet that some athletes partake in, insulin levels could be higher than considered safe or normal. You can counter these spikes by adding pea protein to your diet!

This wonderful supplement is definitely one of my favorites, and on top of all this it tastes great in even its most raw form!

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