Stevia! Finally a way to have a sweet tooth and slim waist!

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Rebaudioside A 98% is derived from Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni, an herb in the chrysanthemum family that is native to parts of South America. Rebaudioside A is the more potent and pleasant tasting of the two major extracts of the stevia plant, known as steviol glycosides. Rebaudioside A is widely consumed as a sugar alternative and is used as a natural sweetener that can be mixed with other sweet natural products, such as honey. It is heat stable and can be used for cooking and baking. Our Rebaudioside A powder is standardized to contain at least 99% purity and has a sweet, clean taste, with no undesirable features or unpleasant after taste. Steviosides, such as Rebaudioside A are not processed by the body in the same way as sugar and effectively net zero calories. Rebaudioside A is stable for up to two years in a variety of foods and beverages, in addition to being the table sweetener of choice among many countries including Japan, China, and Mexico for over thirty years.*

Who doesn’t like sweet stuff? In fact most people will admit to a sweet tooth that dominates their life. One of the downfalls of having a sweet tooth is the use of artificial sweeteners. These chemical compounds can not only harm your body, but can lure you into a false sense of weight loss. Studies in rats have shown that artificial sweeteners have actually caused more of an obesity problem than helped divert it. This is why the more natural of a sweetener you can use the better.*

Back to the rats. For years a certain set of competing colas, who shall remain nameless, used natural sugar as a sweetener. From here on out let’s call them “Red” and “Blue”. This formula was used for over 60 years until some concerned mothers gathered their resources gearing up for a war on sugar. Since then Red and Blue have gone to artificial sweeteners for their sugary flavor. In a study done not to long ago, some rats were given both Red and Blue. Test Group A and B got Red and Blue natural. Test group C and D received the “Diet” equivalent of both Red and Blue. The results were staggering to some. Group C and D actually gained more weight than group A and B. What does this mean? The war on sugar was wrong. Natural sweeteners are always a better choice for your body. These natural solutions break down cleaner and expel faster than the chemical compounds that were created to replace them. Stevia is an even better step than just natural sugar, as natural Stevia is expelled by the body before it can actually have a caloric value assigned to it.*

Well for all of you out there (and especially me…who loves chocolate…and twinkies…and cake… and soda…) we have a great sugar alternative that you most likely have already heard of but didn’t realize that you could buy it in its purest form. *

Rebaudioside A 98% (Reb A) or more commonly known as Stevia. This supplement is derived from rebaudiana bertoni, an herb in the same family as the chrysanthemum that is native to parts of central and South America. Reb A is considered the more potent and pleasant tasting of the two major extracts of the Stevia plant. Stevia is widely used as a sugar alternative and can be mixed with other sweet natural foods to “punch up” the flavor. *

Stevia itself is heat stable and used in many recipes that involve sugar for cooking or baking. This powder is standardized to contain 99% purity, a sweet clean taste, and no undesirable aftertaste! The best part about stevia is the body does not process it in the same way as sugar. What does this mean for you? It means zero calories. That’s right, you can enjoy your sweets and keep your workout regimen! *

So go ahead, live it up and enjoy your sweet tooth and your waistline! I know I will!

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