Mangosteen – 10 reasons to use it daily!

Mangosteen - 10 Reasons to Use it Daily!Mangosteen, or Garcinia mangostana, is a small purplish fruit with a white core that has had its origins traced to the Sunda Islands and Moluccas of Indonesia. It mainly grows in Southeast Asia and in some tropical climates in South America. It is truly a wondrous fruit, yielding many effects that have been deemed an immense boon to the average person’s health.

We think that Mangosteen is one of the most interesting things we have available; its properties make it a truly useful supplement. Below are 10 reasons we think this should be a daily use product…we like it so much we even added in five extra reasons why we think this is awesome!

1) The taste – Mangosteen has a very sweet pleasant taste with a slight bitter hint that works very well with smoothies and other mixed drinks that you may use for pre workout, post workout or just a daily healthy beverage.*

2) Antioxidant Properties – There are many “superfoods” or “Super Antioxidants” available today. None of them have the clout that mangosteen does! It’s a fact that mangosteen is used in all manner of holistic and natural medicines all over the world, especially in places where common pharmaceuticals are scarce. The mangosteen has been known to help with even the most serious of conditions.*

3) Appetite suppression – Like its close relative Garcinia cambogia the mangosteen has been used widely to help suppress appetite amongst people all over the world. Its benefits have been touted as some of the most impressive in its family. So if you are looking for a tasty way to cut pounds out of your life, this may be the answer.*

4) Topical uses – Mangosteen pastes have been made to help combat all kinds of skin irritations. It’s one of the main uses in its home countries to make topical and preventative salves. It has also been used in many cosmetics for its age defying properties!*

5) Gastro-intestinal alleviation – There are a lot of supplements out there that are very good for you, unfortunately most people who get their needs from their daily diet suffer some digestive distress when they begin supplementing. Mangosteen works fabulously to not only calm the gut, but it helps to relieve intestinal distress.*

6) Joint pain relief – Many people that lead active lives as well as many older people constantly look for things to help relieve joint pain and fatigue. Mangosteen studies have shown that daily use of this rare and wonderful plan have actually helped revitalize joints and reduce joint pain! How cool is that?!?!*

7) Muscle fatigue – Mangosteen has been used by workers worldwide to help combat muscle and overall general fatigue! Giving this fruit another great benefit to add to its list of reasons why it should be used daily!*

8) Energy levels – Not only does mangosteen help with all of the above it has some great effects on great natural energy levels…with no crash. If we point again to other cultures that use mangosteen often they are in better shape, sleep better, work better, lack obesity and more! Could that all be attributed to this amazing fruit? We don’t medically know that, but it’s apparent that something is working!*

9) Age defying properties – It is said that we are constantly looking for ways to live longer, clinging to moments in life as it comes to an end. It is believed that within this fruit holds the key. Now we know that isn’t true. The reason we die is due to a phenomenon in our bodies known was the Hayflick Limit. This is the amount of times our cells can actually divide, at some point they stop, which leaves them one thing to do. Die. The transcendence of the Hayflick Limit has been something scientists have been trying to defeat for years. Though mangosteen does not help sidestep fate, it does however help with certain age defying properties. Which is why its use in cosmetics has gotten more popular as the fruit becomes more mainstream.*

10) It’ is affordable – Mangosteen used to be a rich persons product. It was said to be Queen Victoria’s favorite fruit. This is no longer the case, the development and cultivation of this fruit has become far more streamlined and allowed its processors to yield a more bountiful crop than ever before. This translates to less damage done to your wallet, and more benefit in your daily life!*

Of course there isn’t ample enough scientific study of this fruit to prove any of the above, but the historical use of it has been well documented. Scientists have been studying this fruit for years trying to break it down to the molecule to map out exactly what it does. Every time one use of it is coming close to fact, another use pops up! It is a very exciting fruit!

For the heck of it, here are five more reasons we think this fruit is awesome!

1) It has been used through the ages from discovery to present, this makes it one of the most widely used fruits in Southeast Asia, its properties have been so impressive that in 2000 years it has not slowed in its daily use from the regions indigenous personnel!*

2) It’s purple! Who doesn’t like purple, that’s just crazy! When you open up the fruit a big pulpy white star is looking at you, waiting for you to taste its amazing goodness!*

3) It has all of the great aspects of its closest cousins with none of their weaknesses, it’s like Batman! It’s the fruit your body needs!*

4) It hasn’t become hipster trendy and brewed into a microbrew to be discussed over lattes at the local Starbucks! So you know its hype isn’t a trend, it’s a pool of users (a very large pool) opinions and experiences that want to share its properties with those around them!*

5) It has a thousand and one uses! From supplemental to culinary. This amazing fruit can be used to make ointments, tonics, jams, meals, dressings and more!*

Why wouldn’t you want to partake in this fabulous fruit! Bask in the glow of mangosteens immense awesomeness! Join the fold of mangosteen users and find yourself part of a super healthy elite group of go getters that have no fear facing the future. These users move through life beholden to no one! Masters of their own fate! So get in on this purple awesomeness, we promise you will love it!*

*NOTE: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.