African Mango – May be one of the best kept secrets in the supplement world!

African Mango Supplement

African Mango… Possibly one of the best kept secrets in the supplement world!

Due to the extremely bad and rapidly growing problem of obesity in the world, both bona fide researchers, nutritionists and manufacturers alike are bustling about trying to find the weight loss magic cure! Now it is certain that we do not have concrete information on how this works, but we do know that many studies point to its effectiveness.

Once you muddle your way through all of the hype and get rich quick schemes of a slimming pill you can find actual research about a product that will tell you how well it works. As always these supplements only tend to work in dedicated individuals that are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise.

The “new hotness” in the diet world is the African Mango or Irvingia gabonensis. The claims that African mango can directly cause significant weight loss and improve blood fat levels are actually being supported by scientific evidence, a series of studies by Judith Ngondi and her coworkers from the Univeristy of Yaounde in Camaroon have produced promising results.

The actual supplement is not made from the fruit of the African mango but from seed extract. Once the extract process has been completed it can be turned to powder or stay its liquid form depending on the buyer of the product.

How African mango works in a weight loss capacity is still under great study, however it has been shown that as little as 150mg twice per day could yield impressive results on body weight, fat, waist size, cholesterol and blood glucose. Subjects recently found over an 8 week study that they lost up to 18 pounds of weight with very little effort, this means with concentrated effort the weight loss could be far better.

The best news about the African mango is that so far there have been no adverse side effects to the supplement.

All in all African mango seems to be a great supplement for people who want to get serious about weight loss.